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MyTopMatchMaker® is heavily networked within your local community continuously targeting specific personality and character types of high quality. Effectively sorting the wheat from the chaff on your behalf. Love for many can be elusive, and the search can be laborious, disenfranchising, and leave you soul searching.

Let us be the searcher for your soul, and let your soul be selective. We passionately pursue quality ladies and gentlemen on your behalf, and have 23 years of unparalleled industry experience doing so.

Thousands upon thousands of local couples matched successfully, so become part of the incredible journey that MyTopMatchMaker® is today!

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Why we started MyTopMatchMaker®

Once upon a time the founders of MyTopMatchMaker® were a couple deeply in love with each other who wanted the rest of the world to feel what they felt. They asked where can we open a business that wants to help people find love? The founders thought and thought and thought, then they were once to a state called Virginia, and they read it was "The state for lovers", and the founders said "A-haaaa!", it was the state that they knew they could start and call their business home in.

The founders then asked where in Virgina? Then they heard of this place called Hampton Roads, and that the United States Military had its largest representation of forces there....and out of their deep respect for the United States military, they said lets start the journey of love here!

In The valentine month of February and the cryptic year of 2/14 the mystical power of their love potion took its beginning, and MyTopMatchMaker®, America's top matchmakers started....their message was loud and clear and In less than a year 5 couples engaged to marry, and one couple had a whirlwind romance and married within weeks.

If our story inspires you, join the change, enjoy your free consultation on us.