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MyTopMatchMaker® is heavily networked within your local community continuously targeting specific personality and character types of high quality. Effectively sorting the wheat from the chaff on your behalf. Love for many can be elusive, and the search can be laborious, disenfranchising, and leave you soul searching.

Let us be the searcher for your soul, and let your soul be selective. We passionately pursue quality ladies and gentlemen on your behalf, and have 23 years of unparalleled industry experience doing so.

Thousands upon thousands of local couples matched successfully, so become part of the incredible journey that MyTopMatchMaker® is today!

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Why we started MyTopMatchMaker®

The founders were a couple who had a second chance in love, both divorced, and both intensely rejuvenated by the feverish force of true love capturing their fluttering hearts. The founders wanted to help other people feel what they felt, to help people start over, to believe in love again, to know it's the one thing that delivers full purpose to life. Next they asked where could they do this? Florida called out to them, the baby boomers, the retirees with extra time, all of the wonderful sunshine state folk would be a great place to run their unique brand of matchmaking. Soon after came Tucson.

On the Cryptic day of 2/14/14 the love potion took its beginning and MyTopMatchmaker started. Their message was loud and clear, the proof was in cupids pudding, 5 couples had engaged in the first year and one couple had a whirlwind romance and tied the knot within weeks on a classic Floridian beach sunset.

If our story inspires you, come tell us yours, join the change in dating etiquette, and enjoy your free consultation!!