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MyTopMatchMaker clients benefit from Karen Stein’s extensive background as a casting director and talent agency owner. She brings an uncanny ability to match the perfect talent to the perfect role.

Karen feels this is her true calling. Her clients enjoy her unique, intuitive perception of pairing partners for long lasting and healthy relationships. Karen thoroughly devotes herself to bonding with her clients and is thrilled to undertake and help navigate each individual’s journey to finding their match. She makes it easy for her clients to feel comfortable and confident in a collaborative relationship between matchmaker and client. Karen is in the business of matchmaking, but in your course to finding a partner, she’ll make you feel like family.

Karen passionately believes in chemistry as the key to sparking that unfathomable connection between perfect partners. How does she get her clients into that wonderful embrace? Intuition, experience and through human connection. Come talk to Karen, let her get to know you. Time and time again she has been the conduit to true romance blossoming between newly kindled, kindred spirits.

At your free consultation with Karen, you will find yourself participating in a fun, fact finding and educational session. Karen prides herself on the “Karen Stein Cut”, drawing back on her talent agency savvy. Karen takes on clients that pass her honesty and safety screening process. After all, to find the perfect match, you want your matchmaker doing all the hard work for you! Karen is no shrinking violet, her passion for matchmaking shines through day in and day out, perpetually considering partners for her clients.

Karen can’t wait to hear from you! To book your free consultation with Karen, call 602-616-0026 in the Scottsdale area, or 520-318-5520 in Tucson.

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