Betty and Mark

Mark and Betty Henry are madly in love with each other, proving so by making it official and tying the knot. When introduced originally, there was a magical connection of instantaneous love and attraction. Mark knew from the moment he met Betty that he had found his next true love.

When Mark came to me, he was reluctant to become a client because he was concerned about his appearance, having recently gained weight due to the medical boot he was required to where because of a broken foot. I reassured him that his character alone would be enough for the lady I planned to introduce him too. Mark is one of those men who’s hysterically funny and charming personality allows him to far surpass all other suitors.

Mark’s blatant honesty about his passionate love for his “Betty Boo” was infectious and the gentle southern charm, Miss Betty, couldn’t help but to fall in love with him just the same. Mark was eager to tell me that he had taken Betty off of the market and I could not have been more thrilled by the news. Their journey was well shared with me until their wedding day and I was happy to be part of the process in helping them find love again. I will greatly miss the banter I shared with Mark but am truly happy for the love that the Henry’s now possess.