Bill and Joan

“For Bill, 66, and Joan, 57,” Mimi says, “taking a dip in the dating pool was a different experience for each. Bill had been married for 40 years. After his wife passed away in 2008, the thought of dating again hadn’t crossed his mind until many years later.”

Bill said, “I was getting bored spending my time sitting across the table from my guy friends. I wanted to be in a relationship again.” Joan had been divorced for 17 years and had dated often during that time. But she said she just didn’t seem to make the connection she was looking for.

Mimi helped Bill and Joan to become clients of hers. She put them through her standard process of drug screening, background checks, and proprietary qualification questions. After that, her intuition took over.

Mimi much prefers to use her 23 years of honed intuition. She feels she has a “chemistry Geiger counter” that works far better than profile dating. Mimi believes in hand crafted matches. In Mimi’s words, “computers will never have the algorithm to mathematically compute love.”

Sure enough, Mimi’s magical intuition hit the bullseye. The chemistry between Joan and Bill was instant as they met for dinner on a balmy Florida night. Joan, Mimi says, “felt that she had finally met Mr. Right as they talked the night away until closing time at the restaurant.” Bill later told Mimi, “I was a nervous wreck. I hadn’t dated and didn’t know what the dating scene was like. Joanie put me at ease. She was perfect.”

Less than a year later, they were married on the shores of Venice Beach in front of family, friends, and associates. Ironically enough, they had lived five miles down the street from each other for years before the magic of Mimi brought them together. It just goes to show how difficult it is to find someone on your own.

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