Chad and Brooke

The elephant in the room, so to speak, was reserved by Chad when he took Brooke on a surprise weekend getaway. He refused to tell her where they were going. On arrival, Brooke was pleased to see it was a safari zoo, as she loves animals.

What Brooke didn’t know was that Chad had remembered from their very first date that he had asked her, “what’s your favorite animal and why?” Brooke said, “an elephant, because elephants never forget!” (It’s true, elephants remember a lot of stuff, google it.)

The safari company had trained one of its elephants to be able to carry passengers and perform little tricks. Chad had booked out an hour for them to spend with the elephant and had also hired a photographer to follow them to capture every moment. When the moment was right, both Chad and the elephant got down on one knee, Chad extending the ring and the elephant extending its trunk to propose to his sweetheart.

The moment was caught on camera and how poignant the moment became, as now Brooke would always be able to remember the day she got engaged. Chad had taken the time and effort to arrange everything to be perfectly romantic and uniquely personal for his new fiancé. They married in August of 2017.

When Mimi matched the pair it was Brooke’s eighth match. And it was Chad’s third.