Eharmony: Do Tests Work?

Recently clients had shared their frustration with the lengthy process of taking the extensive test that Eharmony prides itself on. Eharmony separates itself from and Zoosk, via its belief in calculating scores from an elaborate test.

The question is: can a test define whether you will be likely to fall in love with somebody and should a test be used to pair you up with someone?

It may be little known…but sometimes Eharmony rejects single consumers based on the test results, since the test can take upwards of 20 minutes…well you can be the judge of how that would make you feel!

Now, that’s not to say that this is a common occurrence and Eharmony has exponentially grown from this platform and it’s safe to say most people have no issues with the test. The company’s complaints tend to be what most online dating sites contend with:

  1. Not enough local matches
    2. Being matched with accounts that are expired
    3. Billing
    4. Fake profiles
    5. Internet scams

So, for those considering using Eharmony or any other online dating site, maybe don’t expect to meet the love of your life. It’s good for a commercial but it seems most of these sites simply want you to renew your subscription.

Our Matchmakers will give advice to you on how to maximize your opportunities with online dates, what to be wary of, and how to build a quality profile.

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