How to take Romance to the Next Level!

Men: How to be Confidently Intimate with a New Lady in Your Life!

The zenith of the new experience with someone new is the moment when romance blooms into intimacy. My years of experience assisting Mimi Lee have shined a light on what is often an ever so slightly awkward subject.

Yes, guys— I know the usual emotional quotient can often be utilized as assigning a number of attractions, i.e., rating a woman 0-10 based on appearance. This rating, while appearing to easily solve whether something should lead to intimacy and purportedly lead to a more likely intense experience due to the beauty factor, is not the real laws of attraction that I have witnessed year after year as I watch singles be connected and turn into couples.

Here are some easy steps to avoid awkward feelings, coming across like a jerk, and promote who you really are, a quality, sincere guy who wants his lady to rock his life in the bedroom and then you’ll go out and get the bacon right?

  • Start out small. The first few dates, revolve (in romantic terms) around subtlety and define intent.
  • What is small? Smiling more than you normally do, dude. Pay ONE very, very sincere compliment that you truly mean.
  • After a couple of dates (I hope you have been listening to your woman) purchase a small, inexpensive gift. One that is relevant to something you heard in the conversation. Avoid flowers, teddy bears, and chocolate at this moment. It’s too much too soon and you will look desperate.
  • As much as the urge that the Millenia and dating apps have proffered that sending pics of private parts, and “sexting” are acceptable norms of dating conduct; avoid it like the plague. It might get you erotically charged for a few moments, but then in real life you’ll be left dangling…literally!!!
  • DO: Create the moment! As a man, your role is to map the road ahead and to lead the way that romance should flow. Think with passion and love over sex and being horny. A lady will often feel more emoted.

From these core elements:

  1. Surprise
  2. Intensity
  3. Romance
  4. Intellect
  5. Wit

Polish up your “COOL” “IT” and “WOW” factors. It will work!!

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