How to turn Business Acumen into Lasting Emotional Profits

So much of our lives, from early schooling to middle life careering involves one preconceived notion that one thing in the United States of America is paramount to achieve:

To get ahead 

The numerous vehicles and platforms that facilitate financial fervor amongst us is Omnipresent. Money is the real

“Big Brother.”

It watches us, warns us, elates us, worries us, turns us on, pisses us off royally…sounds like a relationship, right? The only stumbling block of money’s complete monopolization of humanity is that it cannot purchase the core root of


Mathematically love is currently not defined by a proven theory, law, or scientific paper. Thus, love’s version of “In God We Trust”, has no paper, even though it has its own set of unique


I have been an assistant of Mimi Lee’s for years and years and years, and in many ways, I have become an intellectual student of human emotion from interactional experiential moments, observed from all the years of documented feedback, commentary, opinion, and chatter; Whose entirety is the subject of pursuing a love interest, a quest for partnership, a dream of passion, a hope for true love.

In my daily work, I love it when a match is hit out the park, sparks fly, and I know Mimi did her job really well that day.

I know of many businessmen and businesswomen I have watched Mimi assist and it always amazes me as she penetrates gently the typical concrete fortress in scaffolding wrapped around the business person’s heart. If you have read this far, thanks, I am getting to the point now:

  • Pay attention to the life you chose to ascend. Is it the dream car you always imagined?
  • Do you find yourself so awash in achievement that you’ve lost sight of the best of existence?
  • I am here to say perhaps it might be time to take a step off the ledge and incur the self-identification of the beast. As to be beast is to be human. Address this animal you are. Try it RIGHT NOW by reviewing the statement below and grade feelings of relativity to its sentiment

“My Purpose has started to feel like a “Series of Economic Imagined Milestones” inflated by ambition.”

Please rate your feelings to this statement between 1 and 10. One representing, “Not at all” and “Ten,” that’s me to a Tee.

If you answered 1, thank you so much for reading and participating you are welcome to participate further, however, your answer deserves a round of applause because we have a beast among us!

The rest of us Mortals, Moi included, can always marvel at those who live in that plain territory where it is clearly evident that they have been stripped completely of one word:


Yes, the rest of us achievers, we all know it, most of our propellant is the fire of fear at our butts every day. While your fears may live in perfecting the new coding of an operating system, or painstakingly reviewing marketing research studies to see where you’ll have the most “impact”, or where you can “Niche:” the crap outta something. Maybe you are concerned where you see the next big “Space in the market” or where you see “It’s time to cut our losses” or when you know “This one’s huge”. Yes, you’re a rock-star CEO with a Maverick Flight Jacket attitude but a 6-year-old girl will crush you in any debate because she still knows what it is like to live in love.

Yes, the six-year-old girl living in love with her mom. That’s a real


If you’re living in the realm of growth, profits, margins, projections, budgets, and reports, please follow my lead as its time we start to help you unwind and kick those shoes off as the day is long and the feet they do get heavy. Stop and give yourself some love. Giddy up and feel elevated and say:

“I love my body, I love my skin, I love my body, I love my skin”

Repeat it in your mind it and it gets deeper. Say it until it gets naked in your head and shout it in your mind.

Know that your cool factor is a quotient measured avoiding narcissism but secured self-love is where we begin any relationship.

If you follow my lead I will be back, I can help you turn Business Acumen into Emotional Profits of your heart.

I want to help a lot of people, follow me I’m the Rock Star Matchmaking Client Acquisition Officer for:

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