Intimacy in a Relationship

The path to happiness is through sharing the ultimate bond with your partner. Satisfaction at the peak of any partnership is related via clarified communication, and both physical and emotional reassurance.

Listed below are some simple tips for men and women to keep satisfied the eternal need for intimate connection with your partner.

Three Rules of Thumb For Men

Be Romantic

The more romance a lady can feel, the more intimacy will come as a result. Think of romance as foreplay stretched over time without touching. Think of the word chivalry, apply it throughout a day, notice the connection and the bond between you and your partner increase in intensity. You will also feel kinder, and it definitely boost your charm points! Romance is a key component for women in a relationship, if they feel romanced, you in return will feel it as well.

Be A Gentleman, Notice The Small Stuff

To understand romance in a relationship, it comes down to the influence we all feel in life. Every gal wants to have her car door opened, every woman wants to hear compliments, so choose them wisely. Complimenting hair is a confidence boost and appreciated by all women as women all have a much more complicated and expensive time up-keeping hair. Take the time to compliment nails, compliment eyes, compliment a smile, share how these things make you feel, and you’re on track to COMMUNICATING on her level because it’s all about how she feels!

Also, every woman likes small meaningful gifts. Be sure to individualize your gifts as they remind your partner that your love for her is on display and the appreciation you may receive might just be what the Matchmaker dialled up for you!

Be Decisive

The comment, “what shall we watch?” or, “whatcha wanna do?” They are romance killers as they inject apathy into a relationship. Take charge of making plans, take charge of finding movies on Netflix, surprise her with tickets to a show. Better yet…if you want intimacy, then the sure fire way to light a spark under the kindling is to book a weekend getaway that’s a surprise and treat her to a spa massage. After all that relaxation and sense of thoughtful, intimate surprise your lady will be thoroughly moved by your actions. Take charge of intimacy with loving kisses…the rest…well what happened on the weekend getaway stays on the weekend getaway!!!!

My 3 tips for women

Divide Up Portions Of Your Life

If you work…well your work is all consuming and all work comes with stress no matter how much you like your job. When you come home from work portion your time to finish any chores, play with the kids, or your dog or kitty cat, and then portion time for entertainment. Think of preplanning what YOU want to happen and how to EXPRESS your feelings about intimacy. Let’s face it men can be Neanderthals, they can be perverse, they fantasize waaaayyy more than you do. But be brave and share with your man some of the things you fantasize about. The real tip here is COMMUNICATE feelings out loud. Satisfaction is a derivative of the defeat of worry, and worry can be solved with just talking to your partner. Worrying about work, kids, pets, moms, grandparents, your own relationship, and last… money. All that worry is going to hit hard in the intimacy scene, and you will only regret later that you let worry ruin complex satisfying intimacy with your partner.

Initiate What You Want

Let’s face it, no man turns down intimacy, but every guy loves it when a woman takes control. Empower your inner goddess and tantalize him with whatever you want… oh and teasing and taking your time, well that helps a lot too! Nothing is sexier than a confident woman who knows what she wants. Don’t always let the man be the one to take charge, trust me, it’ll add a new level of intimacy to the relationship.

Look Within

The path to enlightened intimacy begins in your mind’s eye. Look into yourself and decide early in any day that your choice is to embrace intimacy, we know men think about intimacy and sex about every 7 seconds, let’s get your thoughts to about once every 2 hours and you’ll be just fine!! Upon looking inward let your stream of thoughts lead you to a creative concept of what needs to happen for desire to take root in your feelings. Be sure to communicate with your guy throughout the day your inner journey, and this should serve enough sensual articulation to infect both of your minds with potent desire. The satisfaction lies within knowing you are comfortable in your own skin, mind, and heart to know that love, desire, passion, and intimacy are your doorways to understanding true love. In our modern era, communication is made easy, by text, phone, or email so ladies put your phone alarm to go off every 2 hours and take a moment to release your inner goddess!!

Intimacy in a Relationship

When it comes to growing a relationship, intimacy is very important. From both sides, men and women need intimacy to feel important, loved, and valued. Take the time to get to know your partner on all levels and learn what is important to him or her. Know what makes them feel sexy, beautiful, handsome, wanted, needed, etc. The better you know your partner, the more intimacy will come naturally. If you are in need of dating advice or are ready to take the next step into the dating world, call Mimi at My Top Matchmaker. She knows how important intimacy in a relationship truly is and can help guide you through the beginning stages of your next relationship!

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