The Perks To Being Represented By A Matchmaker

We all want to meet our special someone in the most natural, organic way possible…but the reality is that sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way, especially as you get older. Meeting someone of quality at a bar or on a dating website is far from ideal, which is why having a personal matchmaker is the best way to meet that special someone and will give you a leg up on your competition.

The dating scene can be tough as you grow older; the pickings seem slim, and at a certain age we are often set in our ways about life and our beliefs, so when we meet someone, we need them to fit into that lifestyle, rather than challenge it. When you are younger and trying to discover who you are it is fun to date someone opposite of you, who challenges your thoughts and beliefs, it is how we all work to find out our true identity. BUT as you grow older, after already having long term relationships, successful careers, and maybe even traveling the world, we are fairly confident in who we are and are looking for someone to compliment the person we have become rather than challenge it. This is why it is important to connect with a matchmaker to help you find your perfect match.

A Computer Can’t Do The Job

Unlike online dating sites, a personal matchmaker takes the time to get to know you, truly dives into the person you are and the potential partner you are looking for. A computer algorithm can’t see the emotion on your face when you describe your perfect partner, it doesn’t ask you why you feel a certain way about certain things that will ultimately help narrow down the search for your match. No, a computer cannot do that, but a person can; a matchmaker with years of experience making perfect matches can read you and understand you to help match you with the right person.

Tailored to Your Needs

One of the perks to being represented by a matchmaker is that your needs are heard. With Mimi at My Top Matchmaker, based on 23 years of experience, will use her intuition, pragmatism, and talent, to tailor a personal experience for you. We know that no two clients are alike which is why we personally handpick the person you will be matched with based on the conversations you have with Mimi. We listen to your needs and desires to ensure your match is someone with real potential. We add the personal touch that an online dating service can’t give you. This includes setting up the initial dates for you, there is no planning involved on your end. Your job is to enjoy the date and not have to worry about making reservations at the right restaurant to impress your date. Matchmaking services are great because they get to know you and your date BEFORE the two of you are set up, which means we help set you up for success by picking a restaurant or activity that we know you BOTH will enjoy.

A Personal Dating Coach

Having a personal matchmaker is great because it is also like having a dating coach. As part of your tailored service, your matchmaker will help guide you through the beginning phases of dating. Some things you may be coached on are:

  • How to dress on your first date (simple changes can make all the difference)
  • What to be conscientious of during your date
    • Are you paying attention to your date?
    • Are you asking questions and really listening to the answers?
    • Are you engaging enough to make them feel desired? If not, why?
    • Are you being too pushy?
    • Are you making sure the conversation isn’t one-sided?
  • What to avoid on the first date (politics and religion should be saved for later dates)

As your personal matchmaker, Mimi will guide you through these Do’s and Dont’s of dating to make sure that you are set up for success and have the best experience with your date. These simple tips can give you the edge you need to make it past the first date and a real opportunity at finding true love.

Secure and Safe

The problem so many people have with online dating is the safety issue. How do you know that the person you are “matching” with is who they say they are? How do you know that they haven’t lied on their profile? How do you know that if you go on a date with them, you will be safe? When you use a matchmaking service like My Top Matchmaker, we ensure that the person you are set up with is, in fact, the person they say they are. We drug test and background check, unlike many other services. When you use our matchmaking services, you will feel safe and secure with the person you are set up with.

The Perks To Being Represented By A Matchmaker

Stop leaving it up to fate or chance to guide you to find love again. Being represented by a matchmaker can give you the guidance and push you need to really put yourself out there and be open to love again. Your Matchmaker will use her intuition and personally arrange a match designed to optimize results leading to a brand new romance!

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